Mercian Calisso 

Stable name - Wilfred
Sex - Gelding
D.O.B - 9/5/07
Height - 17hh
By Timeless x Polansky

We brought Wilfred as a green 5-year-old from Shannon equestrian. He can be quite sensitive whilst competing but as our partnership grows and he has more trust in me, he is settling well. He was definitely the horse that challenged me to change my mindset.  He is currently competing at Inter 2 and we are looking forward to doing our first Grand Prix soon! Our competitive highlight so far is winning two classes at Mysercough Premier League.  


 Mercian Edjena 

Stable name - Eagle
D.O.B - 14/6/09
Sex - Gelding
Height - 17.1hh
By Apache x Cabochon

Eagle came to us from Holland as a 2-year-old. He is a very trainable, friendly character and is a pleasure to work with. He is currently training at Inter 2 and is showing great promise for the Grand Prix work. Our competitive highlight so far is winning the music class at Addington Premier League and coming to be reserve champion at the Music National Championships. 


Mercian Zack Daniels 

Stable name: Zack
D.O.B - 21.6.14
Sex - Gelding
By Zack x Fürstenreich

Zack is our 1st homebred horse out of our lovely broodmare Paris. He is currently training at Advanced medium and competing at medium. He is an absolute dream to work with and loves his competitions. He has already racked up an impressive record of results. 


Mercian Jiolito

Stable name: Joey
D.O.B 19/7/14
Sex: Gelding
By Fairytale x Krack C

Joey came from Shannon equestrian as a yearling. He is a compact build with a cheeky but loving nature. He has done a few competitions and we are currently strengthening him up before pursuing these further. He is training at medium level at home. 


Nibeley Gold Digger 

Stable name: Barbie 

D.O.B 22/04/2015

Sex: Mare

By Hilkens All Cream x Conto

We brought Barbie as a yearling from Nibeley Stud and she is such a special horse. She is quite sensitive but when she trusts you she will give you her all. Unfortunately due to a serious field injury, her ridden career was cut short. She is now a surrogate mare and lives a life of luxury. 


Mercian Bellarina

Stable name: Bell

D.O.B 11/07/2015

Sex: Mare

By Belissimo M x Furstenreich

Bell is our 2nd home bred and she is absolutely stunning. She was such a poppet to ride and was extremely brave. Unfortunately Bell also sustained a field injury and her riding career was cut short. We will be looking to bred from her next year. 


Mercian Berlitz

Stable name: Bee 

D.O.B 13/07/2016

Sex: Mare

By Belissimo M x Furstenreich

Bee is our 3rd home bred and full sister to Bell. She is a feisty character who loves her work. She's extremely clever but taking a while to mature in her body so we haven't pushed her much yet. Due to her incredible character though I am not worried and know when her body catches up she will be flying. 


Ruben CF 

Stable Name: Rufus 

D.O.B 03/05/2018

Sex: Gelding 

By Rubin Royal x Stedinger

Rufus is an old soul in a young body. We brought him as a foal from Court Farm Stud. He is a very lively character and enjoys spending his days playing with this best friend Solomon in the field and then snuggling into the straw to sleep at night.


Stolen Bold 

Stable Name: Soloman 

D.O.B 15/04/2018

Sex: Gelding 

By Casino Grande x Riccio

Soloman is a beautiful moving horse that we purchased as a yearling. He was bred in the UK by Michelle Dawson from Stolen Silver Sports horses. He is best buds with Rufus and they spend their days in the field or snuggled up in bed. 


Romanno Milestone

Stable name: Miles 

D.O.B 10/04/2020

Sex: Colt

By Millennium x Sir Fidergold 

Miles was bred in Scotland at Romanno Stud. I fell in love with him the instant I saw his video and saw huge potential in him for the future. He has 3 superb paces and a wonderful character. He lives and plays with Cheif spending their days munching or sleeping. 


Mercian Messiah

Stable Name: Chief

D.O.B 25/03/2020

Sex: Colt

By Kaiser Dom x Fürstenreich 

Chief is our newest edition to the team. He is our broodmares 4th foal. We also had his Father in our yard for a while so we are really excited for his future. He is a very cheeky character and reminds me of his big brother Zack already. 


Femme Fatal 

Stable Name: Paris 

D.O.B 09/04/2004

Sex: Mare

By Florestan I x Sao Paulo

Finally, we have the mummy of all our beautiful homebred horses! Paris was purchased to ride when she was 8 years old but unfortunately didn't stay work sound and this was when we decided to breed from her. She has always had a brilliant character and work ethic which she passes onto her children. She will have one more foal and then we will look to let her retire from breeding and enjoy the rest of her life. Here she is pictured with a two day old Bell. 

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