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Hello! Let me introduce myself;

I am a professional Grand Prix Dressage rider, coach, and social media influencer know for my real-life Vlogs, podcasts, and content. My mission is to inspire people within the equestrian world and further to find the beauty within their vulnerability and use it to become the best version of themselves. I'm well known for my openness and love of banana pancakes!  


Passionate about inspiring others

So how did battling with self-doubt and low confidence turn into my business and mission in life? 

Before I could even walk I was riding, but I would say my passion for Dressage started around the age of 13.   From a very young age, I knew what I wanted to do with my life and even though the path hasn’t always been a straightforward one, that vision has never changed.

Aged 16,  I left school to work in a professional yard.  The knowledge and experience I gained there were priceless, spurring me on to learn more and more.  I was privileged to represent Team GB in Juniors and Young Riders - an experience I will never forget.

With the support of my incredible parents, I started working on our yard based in Ledbury around the age of 18.  I was lucky enough to train with Charlotte Dujardin and David Pincus and currently train with Calum Whitworth and Carl Hester. Every single trainer I have/had is teaching me valuable lessons. 

But all was not as rosy as it appeared...

For most of my life, I had struggled with self-doubt. I was your typical perfectionist and I was highly critical of myself which lead to low confidence and struggling with feeling good enough. 

Aged 22 at one particular show this all came to a head. I couldn't hold it together anymore and knew I had to make some dramatic changes and this is where it all began. I became obsessed with mindset and then the passion for wanting to help others in this area quickly followed. I knew the best way to do this was through social media. So with little knowledge, I began. 

I have been overwhelmed by the response I have had from sharing my story.  At times it has been hard to be so vulnerable, but when I get the messages about how it has given others courage and inspires them I know it's all worth it.  I am lucky enough to also be a guest vlogger for the FEI and travel all over the world making videos with them to spread the message even further.  I am so lucky to be able to do this as my full-time job alongside getting to train and compete with my beautiful horses.

I can hand down say I have seen so many changes in my whole life, not just with my riding but every aspect. This is why one of my life goals is to help people find their self-belief and understand that our failures often lead to our biggest successes if we learn from them. 

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