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My Philosophy 

I have been teaching for many years from Prelim to Grand Prix. I love watching my clients really deepen their knowledge and understanding of working with their horses. 


I look towards helping riders build their confidence and understanding within their ridden work and also groundwork which in turn helps them to achieve their horse's full potential and goals as a rider and horseman/woman. I believe each horse and rider develop at different speeds which means each lesson is tailored for their particular journey. 



I am available for one-to-one lessons which I mostly teach at my yard which is based in Ledbury, Herefordshire. We also have clinics set up around the country so head to the "Clinics page" to book on and see locations.

I am also available for virtual lessons which work on the same basis and are very popular - To take part all you need is a phone with a good 4G connection and someone to record.  Another option is to rest the phone on the edge of the arena so I can see you working. We would also need wireless headphones so we can communicate or two phones (one for recording and one for audio).

Another option for clients is to stay overnight with their horses which is a popular option for clients traveling from further away or someone who wants a more intense training option. 

Price List 

  £55     Individual lesson | 45 minutes   

  £55     Groundwork session | 45 minutes

£30    Overnight stable | Includes bedding/hay    


I am a certified UKCC level 2 coach and hold the BHS First Aid qualification.  I have also completed my Safeguarding and Protecting Children Course.

private training sessions

Frankie pope.jpg
Frankie Pope

I started training with Olivia three years ago. Over the weeks, months and now years Olivia has not only reignited my passion for learning and studying to improve my riding and understanding of dressage but has through her dedication taken me on an amazing journey.
Three years ago I was scraping around at PSG and had forgotten about the building blocks which hold everything together from the very foundations. Step by step and with lots of laughter, tears and sweat Olivia has pulled my riding and partnership with my horse together. Consistency has been key and we train every week almost without fail and we never ever get board of working through the next challenge. Sometimes I hit a complete wall with something and can’t see a way over it. Olivia starts right at the very first building block and starts building us up again.
This year Annie and I competed in our first Grand Prix which for me seemed an impossible dream and one which I would never have dared to dream. Incredible things can really happen when you just keep pushing forward and commit yourself. Olivia really has given her all, dedication, patience, and energy.... getting out of her seat and trotting around the arena like a lunatic with me riding passage on Annie on a regular basis, for example!
Olivia is an amazing friend and trainer who has taught me that to become a better rider I must embrace all aspects of horsemanship and its been the most fabulous journey so far....


Training with Olivia is really so enjoyable. She has helped me regain my confidence, not just in my riding but through all day to day challenges. She is an incredibly inspiring person and someone with a mental understanding of both horse and rider.

— Alana Cazbon

Julie Brazier

I began training with Olivia during the summer of 2020. With lockdown behind us and the start of summer competitions, my target of moving through from novice/elementary towards medium level was suddenly looking unachievable. Training sessions with my lovely 8-year-old Hannoverian mare were sadly becoming more tense and spooky and I remember thinking that it just seemed unfair on her to even contemplate thoughts of riding changes or achieving balanced supple lateral work!


During my first virtual lesson, Olivia immediately reassured me that I was doing all the right things but I just had to do a lot more.... This was the beginning of what has become a wonderfully empowering journey with my horse! Olivia’s knowledge, meticulous eye and encouraging coaching style coupled with fantastic visualisations has totally transformed my approach to training. My connection with my mare has really improved, she is working with suppleness and is so much more focussed on the task in hand. This in turn has given me the confidence to sit taller in the saddle. Even on more challenging days with Olivia’s help I now have the tools and exercises to find the softness and harmony we need to reach my targets.

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