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Passionate about inspiring others.

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Let me give you a quick explanation of why I am here.


Alongside striving to become a successful dressage rider,  I stumbled upon another passion.  Around 2016 I decided to turn things around after battling with self-doubt and negativity all my life.  In successfully doing so, I knew I wanted to help others overcome similar issues. Through social media, Vlogs, podcasts, quotes, and much more I portray the real-life ups and downs of not just the equine world but life in general. My goal is to inspire, encourage, and give knowledge to people to invest in themselves and in doing so thrive, not just as riders but as human beings. 



Want a lesson? I am available for coaching at my yard in Herefordshire and also virtually all over the world.




Take part in my online courses which are designed to inspire & encourage you in your personal journey. 

Inner community 



Browse all of the amazing podcast. From interviews with top riders to advice on your own journey. I have already covered a wide variety of topics for you to enjoy. 



Looking for some inspiration and advice when it comes to training your horse? I've got you covered! I wanted to give my amazing supporters something of value for free and this is the perfect fit.

Join our mailing list to get hold of the exercise of the week, every week! This includes an explanation of the exercise, the benefits it will bring you, some objectives to think about whilst working on it, some tips to help get the best out of it, and also different degrees of difficulty.  


Working with Olivia Towers makes my job easier. Olivia loves a challenge, the opportunity to be the first to help people through her experience gained by the love of horses. Olivia is a creative caring young lady that is focused on helping others. It is a pleasure to work with her. 

Theo Thompson

I have followed Olivia for a number of years. Despite my being a ‘ mature’ rider and an also very positive person, I am inspired by Olivia every day. Olivia shares her story, her life and I think what I most love about it, is the truth, the honesty, and her transparency in her own life. We all have up and down days. We can all relate to Olivia. I am also hugely impressed with her ability to evolve. What started in social media, documenting her life as an up and coming equestrian, we have followed her path into becoming a passionate life skills entrepreneur. Olivia, keep being your true self. You are a credit to your generation. - Sally Laverick


Training with Olivia is really so enjoyable. She has helped me regain my confidence, not just in my riding but through all day to day challenges. She is an incredibly inspiring person and someone with a mental understanding of both horse and rider.

Alana Cazbon


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