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Why do people not share the S**T shows 🙄

Because in that moment you feel like the only person this happens to, you feel like all your hard work is laughable because it doesn’t produce the results, you feel weak because even though shows go wrong all you can think about are all the other times it went wrong! You feel hopeless and like progress is a distant land!

This is how I am feeling typing this. I had high hopes for our second Grand Prix today but knowing our track record with outdoor arenas the moment he lost his cool shouldn’t have shocked me. I guess I had hoped for a different outcome but this was the hand I was dealt. This disappointment is a bitter pill to swallow.

I am not going pretend it doesn’t hurt and I am not going to feel guilty for being upset because it means a lot to me. But when the dust settles (after a G&T) I will look to the horizon and see that hope has reappeared. I will dust myself off and stand back up to work even harder!

It’s not over until you give up and there will be none of that from me!

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