Inner Community

Let me introduce you to my inner community which has been designed to inspire and encourage my followers. It took one person to point me in the direction to make life-changing steps around my mindset which lead to huge changes in my riding and this is why I am so passionate to be that person to my followers. 


Here's what you get -

  • Monthly LIVE video with myself and occasionally a special guest.

  • Monthly training podcast.

  • Weekly Video tutorials on riding and mindset.

  • Conversations - A safe space to engage with other like-minded equestrians and talk freely about all things horses and mindset.


This led to me creating an even deeper level of support for my followers within this community. I wanted to embrace my unique set of interests and knowledge for people to be further inspired and thrive.

Below is an example for you of one of the tutorial videos you will find in the inner community. This one is all about riding centre lines.