Have you ever felt like your mindset was holding you back? Holding you back from being the person deep down you know you could be and stopping you from truly enjoying your horses? 

I've been there! After years of struggling with my own mindset, I knew something had to change, and change it did! Freeing me to achieve things I could have only ever dreamt before.


Throughout the journey of changing my mindset around, I have been inspired by different people. They gave me amazing advice and steered me in the right direction. I wanted to be able to do something similar for you and this is how to Lift the mist was born. An easy to access platform for you to be inspired, challenged and encouraged. 

Self Worth 

Discover the value of having a deep sense of self-worth through this E-course and the life-changing effects it can have. Learn how to be kinder to yourself and how to cultivate an environment to do so. 


Navigating the path to reach our hopes and dreams can be hard. Let me talk you through how I stay on track even when I feel unmotivated and help you discover practical and mental tools to do the same.


Fear of failure

The fear of failure can suffocate our true potential. Let me show you a way to move past this and in doing so, free yourself and unleash the endless possibilities that you are capable of. 

Anger & fustration

Find a way to lift the shame you feel around these totally human emotions and also learn new ways to react when they do pop up. In doing this you will see a huge change in the relationship you have with yourself, loved ones, and your horses.


Discover why this is the secret weapon to living a happy life and the benefits you will feel from cultivating gratitude. Also, let me help you free yourself from the destructive comparison trap which we can all fall victim to. 

Lift the mist Bundle

Get your hands on all the courses in the Lift the Mist series. Each course leads on from one another to bring you a life-changing, educational and encouraging experience to shift your mindset. 

The courses have been designed so that everyone and anyone can gain from them and although my story is built around horses and competing professionally, they are designed to be adaptable for everyone's personal story which means even if you don't ride they are still perfect for you! 

Within the course are videos of my own experience, lots of written content to give you wisdom and knowledge, tasks to do in a journal that will massively help your self-development, and also challenge which will push you towards growth. 

We also have a community on a Facebook group which is just for Lift the Mist students geared around cheering each other, sharing our journeys, and making like-minded friends. I will also keep a close eye on this community.  

I am also thrilled to say that 10% of all profits will be going to the incredible charity Stable minds CIC. They are a charity supporting the mental health of all equestrians.

We also have other courses currently being created so stay tuned for these.




"Really enjoying doing this course haven't got very far through yet. Taking it slow, but already taken alot from it. Love the mixture of material from videos to presentations & great to have examples from someone whos already been through a similar journey. "


5/5 stars

Katherine Palmer

Danielle Stayches

"This course is exactly what I needed. I have been watching her vlogs and felt as though My mindset was starting to change with my riding just from being inspired by her, and seeing that not everything is rainbows and sunshine. Not long after following her, she announced this lift the mist course! So having struggled with my mindset such as doubting myself and my riding or getting frustrated and getting anxious and stressed I felt that I HAD to check out her course. And I am not disappointed! I can’t recommend this enough."

5/5 stars


Chloe Snowden

"I have known for a while my mindset isn’t the best and specific people are making it slightly harder too. But after Olivia said she was doing this course it gives me the push to sign up and help myself and my horses I am only part way into the course but it’s really opened my eye with ways I can help myself. I am loving it. So glad I decided to sign up for the course and can’t wait to see where it leads me. "


5/5 stars